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NMEA Advanced Marine Electronics Installer

  • 30 Mar 2023
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport (Steveston Room) - 3099 Corvette Way Richmond, BC V6X 4K3


  • WCBA members: Call NMEA at 410-975-9425 to register at WCBA price of $450 CDN

NMEA Advanced Marine Electronics Installer Course

The Advanced Marine Electronics Installer Training (AMEI) is for a Marine Electronics Installer who wishes to achieve competency in advanced topic areas and concepts. An Advanced MEI certificate is an indication that an installer has a working knowledge regarding commissioning of a boat and installation of complex marine electronic devices. Topics include Marine Computer Installations, Data & Ethernet, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), VHF, DSC, SSB Installations, Non-Magnetic Heading Sensor Installation, Antenna Placement / Satellite Communications, AIS, Radar and Autopilot Installations.
PLEASE NOTE: This is an advanced class that requires field experience of installing complex marine electronics systems.  If you have not installed the electronics equipment listed in the topics below, the test will be extremely difficult to obtain a passing grade. Since 2019, the average pass / fail rate of the AMEI exam is 75% of students.
There are 2 main pre-requisites for the AMEI Course:
1. Student must have taken and passed a classroom basic MEI course and have a basic MEI certificate issued from NMEA.
2. All students must have at least one year of field experience installing marine electronics before NMEA will issue an AMEI credential.
a. If the student already does have this field experience, it needs to be verified in writing by the student's employer.
b. If the student does not yet have this field experience (for example they are a new hire, graduate, new to the industry, or apprentice), they will be eligible for their AMEI credential exactly one year from the date of issue on the MEI credential.

Please note that any student can take the AMEI class and test at any time. As a marine electronics installer, field experience is the best independent teaching tool. This requirement eliminates the possibility of good test takers with no field experience.

WCBA or NMEA Member Price $450 CAD

Non-member Price $650 CAD

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WCBA members: Call NMEA at 410-975-9425 to register at member price of $450 CDN 

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